Our spiritual body comprises one of the four parts of the divinity we each embody. Our spirit gives us an overview of any situation we are involved in. Spirit sees all the options of a situation. Our desire body, also known as the emotional body or will, then makes a free choice about which option to engage in. If our body is willing to try it and our heart is in it, we step into action.

Our spirit guides us. At opportune times, often after emotional movement and process has occurred, spirit witnesses the overview of a situation. Spirit can then offer prospective solutions or possibilities that could help us evolve and move toward what would feel good to us in the short or long run. Spirit also helps us name what we are going through, brings us clarity of thought connected to the emotional experience. Without Spirit’s help, the emotional self feels lost in dreamlike chaos.

Chapter 22, “The Embodied Spirit”


The “rise above it” philosophy is not the answer. Perhaps true Oneness is not just Oneness of that which is already Light, but Oneness of all essence, which is in fact comprised of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

– “The Resistance To Embodiment Within Spirit”


The next time you are in pain, allow yourself, with intent to do so and willingness to drop distractions, to become fully present at the heart of that pain, be it emotional or physical. Drop as deeply into the center of your pain as you can, and stay there for as long as you can, feeling and experiencing all that you feel and experience. Instead of rising above the pain, allow your consciousness to sink into it. Breathing into the center of the pain is a form of acceptance that can shift the pain…part of pain’s persistence is our resistance to it, our attempt to quell or push it away or twist away from it. Usually pain has some sort of message, even if indirect and non-obvious.

You will know you are successful if you experience a qualitative shift from “pain” to “sensation”. Twisting away from the center of the pain makes it hurt even more and causes us to engage the habitual cycle of reaching for the nearest avenue of pain relief. Pain is a message from Body. Twisting away from the pain is a form of habituated avoidance of this message.

– “A Body In Pain’s Need For Spirit”


Motivational energy (aka desire) builds in the emotional body. Movement within can occur before outer movement. One flavor of movement is emotional expression. Old emotions are often “sitting” on our true desire to improve our energy and health. These emotions literally require movement before they can reach a state where they are working for the Self instead of against it. Once they “move” or express and have their say, motivation/desire can ideally be freed to stimulate right action and ultimately generate the all-important momentum, or directionality that creates the feedback loop back into increasing motivation, movement and momentum.

– “The Positive Feedback Loop”


Emotional expression is also a key in drawing and keeping spirit with us. The spirit is electric, the will or emotional body is magnetic, and when our magnetic self is vibrating, the law of electromagnetism is engaged and more of our loving light, our spirit self, is drawn to us to stay, not merely to make an appearance during a meditation only to float off again because we don’t have any magnetic presence or much vibrating in that part of ourselves.

– “Expressing Emotions Magnetizes Spirit”


Our sensory experience of the Divine, and the manifestation wished for is going to be greater or more easily fulfilled if the element of desire is consciously allowed into the prayer itself.

– “Prayer and Desire”


Available power within love (power centered in the heart) fuels the power of manifestation, which is aligned with personal desire and spiritual fulfillment. True loving power does not overpower anybody or anything to meet its agenda. The power to stand firm in one’s right role and place, saying yes or no with conviction is the first step on a long road back to recovering our trust for our deeper powers of manifestation and magic.

Chapter 26, “Personal Empowerment”