After seventeen years of writing, editing and prepping, I’m thrilled to announce the October 2020 release of my book focusing on the healing process across the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational bodies of each of us.

From the back page of the soon-to-be-released softcover edition:

“When our lives are imbalanced at any level of our Self, i.e. physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or relationally, we can experience stress, discomfort, unhappiness and illness. In his book Healing and Dealing: Essays on Becoming Wholed, Peter Cloud Panjoyah offers a roadmap toward an elusive balance point, outlining possibilities for healing inwardly and outwardly. Utilizing humor, poetry, sensitivity, and the fruits of thirty years of personal process, Panjoyah’s is a rare voice in the self-help arena. This book lays out the nuts and bolts of how to heal the emotional denial that has plagued humanity, impacted our health and created dangerous dramas on the world stage.

  • Cutting edge, practically applicable healing strategies explored at all levels of being, including interpersonally.
  • Personal stories and other peer input offer the potential for real, lasting healing on an individual and collective level.
  • Emphasizing self-care, the power of the human voice, the release of limiting beliefs, and common sense outcomes, the seeds of transformation lying within the pages of this book could change your life.”

Healing and Dealing is a handbook for recovery from the insanity that currently dominates Earth.  Peter Cloud Panjoyah is a guide into the largely uncharted territory of how to permanently heal our inner demons.  While many of us are adept at going up, into Spirit, this journey requires us to go down, into the long forbidden, and mostly hidden realms of our Bodies and Emotions.  

“Establishing a real conversation with ourselves is difficult for many people.  Herein lies a well-spring of wisdom and healing, which each of us can learn how to access.  Peter  demonstrates this process, in a way that is accessible and immediate. I recommend this book as a catalyst for creative self-help!” – Seamas Manly, healing facilitator & acupuncturist

“I’m writing to say thank you. Healing and Dealing changed the way I understand and relate to my emotions forever. It changed my life.” – Donald Wolf

“Finally, someone who gets it.” – Rachiel Cox

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