Part I The Physical Body

Chapter 1: Tips For Long-Term Body Health
A Great Mixed Drink
Cooling Off Injuries
Breathe, Breathe In The Air
Breaking Down A Deep Breath
Exercise, Movement and Inner Listening
Body Sovereignty
Sleep Support
Immune System Support
Western Medicine vs. Self-Care
Ode To My Body

Chapter 2: Bodywork
The Logistics Of Booking A Massage
S   l   o   w   i   n   g     Down
Suggestions for Receiving Massage
Emotional or Sexual Responses During Massage
Massage Aftercare
Rotating Bodyworkers

Chapter 3: Habit Your Way
Habits Versus Addictions
What Does Body Want Now?

Chapter 4: Fasting Down

Chapter 5: Balancing Bodies and Computers
Other Office Detriments to Body
For The Men

Chapter 6: Body Meditations
Continuum Movement
What Is The Physical Body?

Part II The Emotional Body

Chapter 7: Emotional Expression and Denial
Expression Is the Key
Among Our Earliest Messages: Shut Up
Expression, Then Understanding
Suggestions for Safe Expression, Alone or With Others
Tips for Getting To Ignition
Letting Go Versus Expression
Emotional Projection
From Misunderstanding to Responsibility
Many Roads
Men Need To Heal and Deal
Emotions Can Grow Up Too

Chapter 8: Sound and Safety
The Importance of Safe Release Space
“Free” Will?
Earth Changes and Emotional Expression

Chapter 9: The Backlog of Emotional Charge
Eliminate The Kneejerk Reaction?
Thar Be Treasure Below!
How I Broke The Ice, And What Happened Next
from A to U

Chapter 10: Whose Emotions Are These Anyway?
Practical Assumption: If I Feel It, It Is Mine
Fear of Rage
True Rage Release
Verbal Versus Primal

Chapter 11: Fear of Fear Itself
The Universal Judgment on Fear
Fear “or” Love
Handling Fear in a New Way
Fear -> Love -> Trust
The Faces of Fear
Ways to Release Fear
Taking Action Can Be Acting Out
Judgments on Expression
“And It Has Come To Pass……”

Chapter 12: The Downside of (Held) Anger
Individuals’ Collective Rage Projected On the World Stage
Releasing Anger Safely and Effectively
Feared Repercussions

Chapter 13: Proactive Vs. Reactive Healing
A “Safe” Trigger: Allowing Fantasy To Trigger Proactively
Reactive or “Unsafe” Triggers
What is the Payoff?

Chapter 14: Recognizing and Releasing Guilt
Recognizing Guilt ‘s Voice
Awareness of Guilt Leads to Healing and Dealing
Guilt’s Other Face: Blame

Chapter 15: Emotions and Functionality
Judgments on Free Expression of Emotions
Not Everyone Releases At Once
Releasing In The Midst of a Busy Day
Walking The Fog

Part III The Mental Body

Chapter 16: Proactive Thinking and The Great God of Logic
The Mental Body’s Disconnected State
Getting Physical Helps The Mental
Getting Emotional Helps The Mental
Heart As the Balance Point

Chapter 17: Judgment Release
Right Rather Than Happy
Verbal Judgment Release
Internal Judgment Release
Judgment “Nests”
Truth vs. FLATs
The Inverted Pyramid
Judgments Vs. Affirmations

Chapter 18: Heal The Past to Change The Future
When The Moment For Decision Comes, The Choice Will Be Obvious.
The Past As Part of the Present

Chapter 19: Asses Out of You and Me
Hidden Fear Driving Assumptions
Death is Inevitable (And Other Judgments)

Chapter 20: Honestly!
The Hiding-Spilling Continuum
Truth Begets Trust

Chapter 21: Extreme Self-Love

Part IV The Spiritual Body

Chapter 22: The Embodied Spirit
The Resistance To Embodiment Within Spirit
A Body In Pain’s Need For Spirit
Meditation on Your Pain
Do Not “Go” To Heaven – Bring It Here!

Chapter 23: Not So Hasty
Fear of Death
Options for Slowing Down

Chapter 24: The Three Mo’s
Groups vs. DIY
The Positive Feedback Loop

Chapter 25: Desiring Spirit and Cultivating Faith
Desire Matters
Expressing Emotions Magnetizes Spirit
Dare To Burn
Prayer and Desire
Desire Cards
Desire and Faith

Chapter 26: Personal Empowerment
Power Flower
Consensus Judgments
Chakras, Karmic Bonds & Cording
Releasing Karmic Cords
The Dark Before Dawn
True Love Power
Our Lost Spiritual Powers

Part V The Relational Body Love, Family, Friends & Others

Chapter 27: Relationships
The Gap
A Key: Seeking My Responsibility
Letting Go

Chapter 28: Interactive Process
“I Need To Spew”
Virtual Process
Acceptance, A Key to Safe Expression

Chapter 29: Reflections and Personal Responsibility
No Accidents: Our ElectroMagnetic Nature
Human Magnets
The Parts We Left Behind

Chapter 30: Competition – A Dog Eat God World
Judgments Driving Competition

Chapter 31: Strong Emotions Around Children
Children Learn 24/7
Mechanics of Expressing Around Kids
Allowing Children To Feel Afraid

Chapter 32: Children Expressing Emotions
Emotional Sponges
Our Feelings, Their Feelings
Children Expressing In Public
True Versus Artificial Peace
Worse Before It’s Better
The Family Lightning Rod
Bestowing The Blessing of Free Expressing
Encouraging Children’s Emotional Understanding
Layers of Seriously Repressed Emotion Surfacing
Emotional Piggybacking
Parental Choices for Handling Their Child’s Emotionality
Timeouts for Parents
Releasing Beliefs About Parental Emotional Responses

Chapter 33: Sacrifice and Selfishness
Judgments on Putting The Self First
The Cycle of Giving and Receiving
A Free Society?

Chapter 34: The Family Contract
Hallmarks of The Family Contract
Family Contract Roles
Free Will And Obligation
Family Types
Free Will Within Families
The Rebel Disowned
Psychic Effects of the Contract
Voiding The Contract
The Global Family Contract: Government As Executor
The Universal Family Contract
The Healed Family

Chapter 35: The Art of Loving Touch
Touch or Violence
Non Sexual Touch, for Self and Other
Safe Touch for Young Children

Chapter 36: Sexual Wounding
Two Patterns of Wounding
Staying Present and Moving Slowly
Sex for Pleasure and Healing
Sex with a Survivor
The Various Forms of ‘No’
Mutual Responsibility
Undoing Rape Culture
Resisting and Receiving Female Outrage

Chapter 37: You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Releasing the Attachment to Outcome

Chapter 38: The Fulfillment Path
Working to Change
Getting the Help We Need
The Coffin Zone
Visions for Our New Life

Conclusion: Changing the World
How To Make A Difference
The Impact of Personal Healing
Accepting The Journey
Welcome To The Revolution*


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